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As a leading Estate Agency in Bedford, here at Homelink Property Services, we are here to take away the headaches and ensure that we can provide you with a successful and painless estate agency service in Bedford. With an abundance of knowledge within the industry, our team of experts have experience in the selling of practically every type of property. No matter your situation, we are happy to help you throughout the entire process.

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Estate Agency Bedford

We work closely with you

When selling your property there are a lot of factors that you may not have even considered prior to putting your property on the market. There are many factors to consider when looking at selling your property with our agency. We will take pride in valuing your property and ensuring that it is accurate. There are many aspects that come together when we are putting together the true value of your property and we will always ensure that we speak with our clients and understand a rough idea of what they wish to sell their property for. This will ensure that the figure that we provide does not come as a shock.

How do I find the best estate agency in Bedford?

So, the time has come when you have sat down and decided to sell your property. The next and most important item to tick off your list is to choose the most reliable and efficient estate agency throughout the Bedford area.

We take great pride in guaranteeing that we know the Bedford area extremely well, we understand the benefits of the area and can truly emphasize this when selling your property. Our main priority is speaking directly with our clients. We want to build a strong rapport with each of our clients. To us, learning more about you makes each sale more personal. Selling somebodies property is not just a job to us, it is providing a perfect family to move into your property who will love it just as much as you have over the last 15 years. Working closely with each of our clients is important to build trust and ensure that our clients will never have any doubts. Over the past decade or so, selling your property through a company that advertises online has taken the world by storm. Here at Homelink Property Services, we know that advertising your property online is the perfect solution to branching out to a wide range of potential buyers.

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What do you need to do to prepare your property?

Once you have decided on working with Homelink Property Services, this is the best time to complete a few chores. When selling your property through our estate agency in Bedford you want your property to look in the best condition. First of all, you will want to get your property organised. Typically, our clients choose to start with decluttering. This saves you time once it comes to the time to move out of the property. Although it may feel like a bit of a merciless task, it will save you time and stress in the long run. Having a decluttered property will also add a huge benefit to your property when the photographs are being taken to place your property for sale. Not only do we always suggest decluttering pre-selling your property, but also clean the property. Having a clean and tidy property gives an instant selling appeal. When cleaning your property, it is important not to forget the exterior of your property, overlooking the exterior of the property can be incredibly detrimental to your sale. Many of our clients, will not be blessed with natural lighting all day long. If you have dark painted walls, this would be the best time to paint them a natural colour. This helps brighten up your property, which adds the feeling of being a lot more spacious than it may be. Not only is it important to touch up paint, but you should also consider doing general repairs to natural wear and tear. If you have scribbles on the wall from young children or broken blinds, these minor details can be the difference between selling a property or not. When speaking with our expert estate agents, we will be able to guide you in the right direction as to what needs to be completed prior to putting your house on the market.

Why choose Homelink Property Services?

We take extra pride in providing each of our clients with the care and empathy that they deserve. We understand that selling your property can feel incredibly overwhelming, especially if your property is your family home and you have lived there for an abundance of years making memories. Selling your property has never been easier. Don’t just listen to what we say, our clients over the years have said the same.

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