Complaints Procedure

All our staff believes in treating all customers fairly and honestly at all times.

This Complaints Procedure has been formulated for use by you where you are in any way unhappy with the service provided by (Homelink Property Services Ltd).

We will act in accordance with the Complaints Procedure.
Where a complaint is received from you about the service offered by a member team, the member will be given the opportunity to resolve the matter informally with you. The team member will contact you to discuss the complaint informally within a period of 24 hours of being made aware by you of any dissatisfaction.
In the event that you remain unsatisfied with the informal resolution you will be invited to discuss the matter with the Head of Customer Relations – Mohammed. He will endeavour to resolve your complaint during the call if possible. If you remain unsatisfied after an informal discussion, Mohammed will ask you to provide him with a formal written complaint so that every point can be investigated and responded to.
Within two working days of receipt of any written complaint Mohammed will write to you acknowledging receipt and confirming that he is investigating the complaint. If he can investigate and answer the complaint within the two working day period, he will do so and respond accordingly.
Upon receipt of any complaint and following acknowledgement Mohammed will undertake an investigation of the issues raised and will within fourteen working days, where possible, provide a full written response to the complaint. There may be exceptional circumstances where Mohammed will be unable to respond with this period. In such circumstances, he will write to you and confirm the reason why he cannot reply during that time and will provide you with some explanation as to when you are likely to receive a written response to your complaint.
Mohammed will investigate all complaints and will interview the persons involved in the case and obtain details. He will also consider the history recorded on the customer platform. Once a full investigation is complete, an honest and open response will be sent to you.
Any decision reached may be the subject of an Appeal by an internal Appeals Committee. The Committee will consist of one Director and the General Manager. Should you wish to appeal you should send confirmation in writing of your wish to appeal. You will be contacted within five working days with details of whom is to sit on the Committee hearing the Appeal and to arrange a date for the hearing. At the hearing you will be able to put forward your representations. Whilst every effort will be made to give you the decision of the Committee on the day of the hearing it cannot be guaranteed. A decision will however be notified to you within two working days.
In the event that you are dissatisfied with the conclusions reached by after investigation or the Appeals Committee you will be provided with details of how to contact The Property Ombudsman who will be able to independently review your complaint and our decision.
The Property Ombudsman’s decision will be treated as final.
We as a company wish to do everything we can to provide “first call resolution” to any and every complaint we may receive. Our customer’s happiness is the most important aspect of our business and all our staff believes in treating all customers fairly and honestly at all times.

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