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Most Other Online Estate Agents Charge For Accompanied Viewings, Not Us.

Our viewing management system can synchronize all three; tenants, landlords and our local agents at the same time using our real-time online booking diaries. Once a viewing has been arranged a text message and email to confirm the booking are sent out, along with the full name and details of each party.


Also, viewings can be scheduled between the landlord and tenant only; in which case the homeowner can choose to conduct the viewing as they have the best knowledge of the property and can answer any questions the tenant may have. Or if the landlord or tenant or both choose to have our Local Agent to accompany the viewing, who will have extensive local knowledge of the area, Homelink are more than delighted to provide this service at no additional cost to the landlord

book accompanied viewings

Book Accompanied Viewing

Buyer, seller & local agents
online booking diaries sync’d

Serving All Of Bedfordshire

Serving All Of Bedfordshire

Covering and networking across the whole county of 172 towns, villages and settlements.

Dedicated Account Manager

Real people with strong local connections, deep knowledge of the market with you all the way.

Trusted & Best Negotiators

Trusted & Best Negotiators

We'll vet all viewers, negotiate the best price for you and offer, right up until the completion.

Achieving Maximum Online Visibility

Homelink advertise on all the most popular online platforms, ensuring that your property gets maximum exposure. Just contact us and one of our team member will get back to you.

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