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Why are Homelink Property Services the best estate agents in Bedford?

We take great pride in ensuring that each of our clients receives an unbeatable service. We have always made sure that we provide each of our clients with nothing but the best possible service. Building rapport over the years we have shown why we are the best estate agents in Bedford, our client’s happiness is our main priority.


Not only do we ensure that we provide our clients with a first-class service, but we also offer highly competitive prices for the sale of your property. We understand the fees can cause a headache for you when you are moving and this is why providing competitive prices is key. Working closely with Homelink Property Services means that we provide you with an honest, transparent and cost-effective solution to selling your property.

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What makes us the best estate agents in Bedford?

Ensuring that we provide complete transparency is key, no matter what questions or queries we receive, we can guarantee you a truthful and sincere response. When you are initially looking at selling your property, we will always arrange a valuation. When you first consider selling your property, it is crucial that you have your property valued. This will help determine what sort of property you can afford moving forward. With a wealth of experience being the best estate agents in Bedford and all the surrounding areas means that we can provide you with the most up-to-date, accurate valuation.

Not only are we extremely familiar with the local area, but we are also part of the local community, so selling your property holds a dear place in our hearts knowing that we are providing a service to our neighbours. Once the valuation is completed and you are happy with it, we will then take on your property. During this process, we will visit your property, when you are ready and take an array of photos to showcase your property to potential buyers. We will complete full professional photographs of your property and write up an in-depth description of the property, including the surrounding area and the main features within the property. Our experts will then put together a floor plan and ensure that you are listed accurately. Making sure that your property stands out from the rest of the properties that are on the market is key. We take great pride in an abundance of knowledge and understanding of what sells best. We have developed a completely tailored approach to ensure your property is marketed professionally and skilfully.

What happens when people view a property?

When arranging for people to visit your property to potentially purchase it, we will always ensure the timing is best for you. We do not want you spending days feeling stressed knowing that you have to rush home from work knowing that people are coming to visit in a matter of minutes. We will ensure that if we are undertaking viewings at your property, we will get a few potential buyers to visit collectively. This will minimise disruption to you and your family. We take great pride in ensuring that we will not allow potential buyers to visit your property unless you are fully prepped and we have conducted our own research to ensure that only serious potential buyers are viewing your property.

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